Win It or Wear It- All-time Great Sprint Car Tales

$ 24.95

Win It or Wear It

by Joyce Standridge

WIN IT OR WEAR IT is a headlong rush into the wild world of sprint cars, the pinnacle of racing on America's dirt tracks. It is a world without pretense, loaded with hair-raising risk, relentless work, bleary highway miles, and fleeting moments of glory.

Joyce Standridge profiles the sport, mid-20th century to present, illustrating it with hundreds of captivating images from drivers’ personal files and many of racing’s foremost photographers.

The soul of WIN IT OR WEAR IT, however, is in the intimate and heartfelt interviews with some of the most colorful and legendary characters ever to wheel a sprinter. Hear the memories and share the laughter with Bobby Allen, Shane Carson, Richard “Gas Man” Griffin, Johnny Herrera, Hooker Hood, Skip Jackson, Bubby Jones, Lenard McCarl, Lealand McSpadden, Curt Michael, Lynn Paxton, Daryn Pittman, Jimmy Sills, Mares Stellfox, Gary Wright, and more.

Foreword by Dick Berggren.

256 pages, 375 B&W photos.

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