Mercedes-Benz W25, 1934 1:18 Scale Diecast

$ 258.00

It was June 2, the eve of the 1934 Eifel Race, when technical inspection was conducted of the participants cars entered for the new 750 kg racing formula. The white Mercedes-Benz Monoposto was found to weigh 751 kg, which threatened to disqualify it for the race. The Mercedes crew, however, refused to give up: that one extra kilogram must be shed somehow. Finally an ingenious idea was proposed that all they had to do was to remove the white paint. So through swelter efforts all night long, the paintwork was sanded off.

The next morning, a new-looking Monoposto with a shining aluminum body came to the start line, weighing exactly 750 kg, and it won! This was a tremendous victory for Mercedes-Benz and the driver Manfred von Brauchitsch.

The enthusiastic press nicknamed the car “Silver Arrow,” and rightly they did so. Of the eight Grand Prix races in the first season, the Silver Arrow scored four wins and finished second three times. A legend was born, and it has lived on to this day.

The Silver Arrow W 25 is a true collector’s item for all fans of Silver Arrow miniatures, and it deserves a place in any collection.

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