Maserati 250F #32 GP Monaco "Fangio", 1957 Lim. Ed. 2000 pieces 1:18 Scale Diecast

$ 383.00

In 1957, Maserati ascended to the top in professional racing. Following his return to the Maserati race team, Juan Manuel Fangio piloted a 250 F (light weight construction) to win multiple victories. At the end of the season, he was celebrating his 5th Formula 1 World Championship.

Back in the first race at the Grand Prix of Monaco on May 19th, 1957 Fangio had already scored a big win. The race started in a very dramatic fashion, with the spectators witnessing many overtaking maneuvers from early on. But the Lancia/Ferrari and the British Vanwall race cars were caught in a series of bad spins subsequently, which enabled Fangio to extend his lead. Finally Fangio drove his 250 F with starting number 32 to a convincing victory. The British race driver Tony Brooks finished second in his Vanwall.

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