Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic, 1938 (black) 1:18 Scale Diecast

$ 383.00

You are probably already aware of our blue-color Atlantic miniature (Item number M-083), which brings to life the original look of the car back in 1938. In other words, it represents the original condition of this car when the English businessman R. B. Pope came to be its first owner.

After the car changed hands several times, it was purchased by the American fashion designer Ralph Lauren (New York) in the late 1980s. The famous designer chose to restore the car completely while giving it a facelift. This led the car to be painted dark black with a matching black interior. The spoked wheels were also covered with attractive hub caps.

This car was a Pebble Beach victor crowned with the "Best of Show" award. CMC has replicated the vehicle down to the smallest detail. The scale auto comes with an unmatched high-end finish in addition to numerous authentic details and functional parts.

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