Auto Union Type D, 1938

$ 277.00

In the beginning of the year 1938 the racing team of Auto Union had to face a difficult situation: The contract with Ferdinand Porsche was cancelled, and Bernd Rosemeyer was killed in an accident in January trying to break the speed world record.

Eberan von Eberhorst replaced Ferdinand Porsche as designer. And “Il Diavolo“ Tazio Nuvolari could be won as successor for the national hero Rosemeyer.

The “Flying man from Mantua” who got his nicknames due to his spectacular style of driving won the Grand Prix of Italy and England in an Auto Union Type D in 1938.

In the following year Auto Union gained a double victory in Reims withe the drivers H.P. Müller and Schorsch Meier despite the tough competition of the Mercedes Silver Arrows. And Nuvolari gained the last Grand Prix before the Second World War with an Auto Union Type D in Belgrad on the 3rd of September in 1939.

The Auto Union Type D newly defines modeling: more than 680 parts, each hand assembled, make it a collectors item par excellence. The paint of the body is of first class quality. It gives the car an excellent brilliance that is unpralleled in modeling.

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